I Empower Learning tips on financial literacy from an early age

I Empower Learning tips on financial literacy from an early age
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Children are quick learners and must be exposed to programs and activities that help them develop and hone their skills.

Edtech start-ups like I Empower Learning coach and mentor children between 8 to 18 years to make them future-ready. It's a competitive world where high grades and soft skills are equally valued.

With more than 75,000 students scoring above 90 per cent marks, it is clear that grades alone are no more the criteria for universities to grant admissions. Most universities are now looking for holistic personality and student profiles to identify the best applicants.

By offering a “first of its kind” program with top-notch coaching and mentoring methods, I Empower Learning helps the students to develop life and leadership skills in their early days and develop powerful profiles that can enable them to get admissions in the top universities globally.


I Empower Learning tips on financial literacy from an early age
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I Empower Learning runs exclusive programs like self-awareness and emotional intelligence, focus and time management, public speaking and storytelling mastery, critical thinking and problem solving, entrepreneurial thinking and financial literacy.

The courses are based on the teachings of global experts such as Jack Canfield, Louise Hay, John Maxwell, and Dr Marshall Goldsmith. Every module has a specific objective and is carefully designed to let the child wear the thinking hat.

The developing years of the children are very crucial and they must be taught the right skills and values at the right time. With skills like problem solving, self-control, time management, body language, teamwork, critical thinking, and adaptability, children have a better future.

Abhinav Goel, Founder of I Empower Learning, believes that education is synonymous to change. It's a tool that, if used wisely, can help society manifold. He is driven by a purpose to change the education methodology to make it more real and practical for children.

With a vision to mentor one million children on life skills and leadership skills, he's set out on his journey. Having mentored over 8,000 students across India, the company is expanding rapidly.

The I Empower Learning mobile application will soon be launched which will make the learning experience more efficient and seamless for the students.


I Empower Learning tips on financial literacy from an early age
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I Empower Learning won the award for the 'Most innovative educational product' at the World Education Summit 2019. The company says it is proud of its team of highly experienced coaches and mentors. These professionals are profoundly skilled and create a healthy bonding while imparting the knowledge to the children. Their compassionate nature helps them understand the children better and fine-tune their teaching methods accordingly.

Your child deserves the best! Gift your child a better childhood by introducing them to excellent skill-development programs, is the Edtech start-up’s message.

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