A crunchy Berry Smoothie Bowl that you can make your own

A crunchy Berry Smoothie Bowl that you can make your own

This recipe is for a Berry Smoothie Bowl that you can enjoy for breakfast or snack. Refreshing, healthy and with so many options to tailor the recipe, smoothie bowls have become a huge trend in recent years.

Smoothie bowls are a smoothie drink equivalent, except that they are a lot more thicker and filling, because of all the extra toppings they have. You can change the base ingredients, the toppings or the flavours you use, making it a totally customisable recipe!

Sometimes I feel like both a smoothie and some granola and that is when I make a smoothie bowl. It’s smooth, creamy, cooling and has the crunchy texture of granola. Not only does it taste good, it’s also nutritious. Made with fresh fruits and no added sugars, this is the perfect guilt-free indulgent breakfast or snack.

One of the reasons I love smoothie bowls is they keep me going for hours and are satisfying.

To make a smoothie bowl is so simple, you just need to make a thick smoothie and then top with granola, nuts, fruits, seeds, etc. You won’t ever get bored as there are so many ways you make a smoothie bowl.

Try my Berry Smoothie Bowl recipe when you feel like something sweet, satisfying and crunchy.

If you don’t have any of the ingredients listed or really crave another fruit, feel free to swap or add it in! To give you a few ideas, you can add in your favourite nuts and seeds, spices (eg cinnamon), fresh seasonal fruit, dried fruit and choice of milk. The granola can also be swapped out for simple oats, which will keep you going for just as long. With all these possibilities there is no way to get bored of this recipe.

Give it a try and add in your own twist!


A crunchy Berry Smoothie Bowl that you can make your own
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