Boys Do Cry: ‘iGlobal’ opens up dialogues on mental health

Boys Do Cry: ‘iGlobal’ opens up dialogues on mental health

It is one of the most outdated perceptions, especially within the Indian community, that boys don’t really cry or don’t really need to cry. They are expected to be somehow superhuman and play the tough guy, no matter how difficult things get.
‘iGlobal’ has zeroed in on this misconception as part of one of its highlight sessions for the Conference segment of its DiwaliFest2020 this weekend. The focus will be to unravel the factors that have perpetuated such damaging narratives and the key steps required to turn the tide and make it easier for men to reach out for help when they find themselves struggling with mental health issues.

“As we know, Covid-19 has affected our community disproportionately and mental health is already a topic we don’t speak about enough,” notes one of the session panellists Rekesh Chauhan, a pianist and composer who has created a special mental health art production.

“I have consulted psychiatrists for the production and will be using the project to raise awareness on how people from our community can get help,” he explains.

Chauhan will be joined by Dilan Patel, Founder of DNA Fitness, and Psychologist Tina Mistry during the discussion on men’s mental health this weekend for the Boys Do Cry panel hosted by broadcaster Anila Dhami.

Besides, the ‘iGlobal’ Conference will deliberate on issues as varied as the confluence of dharma and business to women’s empowerment and the technical revolution of our teaching modules.

Broadcaster Sonali Shah will be hosting the “Is There Dharma in Business?” session with City Hindus Network Chair Alpesh Patel, City Sikhs Chair Jasvir Singh, City University Professor Atul Shah and Baroness Usha Prashar to explore how we can balance cherished values with a sometimes cut-throat business environment.

The “Future of Education” panel will bring together leading educationists to explore the increasingly online nature of learning and the “Women’s Empowerment and Covid-19” session will bring together leading female professionals to explore how the coronavirus lockdown has affected the gender balance, if at all.

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