Here are some tips to adapt your slower lockdown routine into everyday life

Here are some tips to adapt your slower lockdown routine into everyday life
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When life goes back to normal, here are ways to hold onto those slower lockdown habits.

As the world slowly starts to go back to a degree of normality after the Covid-19 pandemic, there is knee-jerk reaction to fill up our diaries, see as many people as possible, and travel far and wide to experience new places.

Although the pandemic has been challenging, it has forced us to slow down, and Warrick Burton, Managing Director of Titanic Spa in Huddersfield, England, has shared with us the valuable lessons he learned from lockdown and how to carry some of the slower habits we learned forward into post-lockdown life:

Appreciate the outdoors and nature

Lockdown restrictions allowed us one walk a day which transformed our mindset into seeing that escape as a privilege, which is something we should continue to do. Breathing in fresh air and feeling the sun on your face can make such a difference to your mental state. Allowing yourself a full day each week outside to stretch your legs and embrace the outdoors will transform your mindset.

Digital detoxes

Social media and the internet was a lifesaver in lockdown, however, as the adjustment period of going back to normality takes place, many are going to feel overwhelmed seeing others out and about when they themselves might not feel ready. Taking regular digital detoxes allows you to reset your mindset and focus on yourself and not what others are doing. As a Spa, we encourage guests to put their phones away throughout their stays so they can truly enjoy some self-indulgence and switch off from the outside world.


Here are some tips to adapt your slower lockdown routine into everyday life
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Respect your body

Don't put too much pressure on yourself to 'get back your pre-lockdown body', it got you through a pandemic and deserves to be respected. Ease yourself back into exercise by trying gentler sports such as swimming or yoga, and gradually grow back the strength you may have lost from moving less. Exercise is a form of wellness, so slow and steady will allow you to enjoy the experience much more.

Nourish your body

Going back to a hectic schedule will inevitably mean that those quick microwave meals or food on the go will creep back into our routines. By cooking your own nutritious food you can ensure you're getting the nourishment your body needs. If you're short on time then using one evening of your weekend to meal prep will mean you can enjoy the same delicious and nutritious foods that you did in lockdown. At our spa, we like to source food from local business and farmers to help give back to the local community.

Be kind to others and the Earth

It goes without saying that being kind to one another after such a long period of isolation is a given but checking in on those who may be finding the transition back to normal life is a simple gesture that can make a big difference.

As we ease out of lockdown, try to remember that the environment will be feeling the change too. Easy habits such as remembering your reusable cup, walking instead of driving or picking up some litter when you're out and about will allow us to all enjoy being outdoors again. Remember your newfound respect for the outdoors when you were in lockdown and treat it with the same kindness it showed you in times of trouble.

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