Here’s how to Feel Good at work

Here’s how to Feel Good at work

With the COVID pandemic, the rise of working from home and the associated challenges this brings, it is critical now more than ever that companies invest in their employee wellbeing. As we move towards a potential return to the office or a hybrid model of working, investment in physical and mental health of employees needs to be a priority!

Do you feel that your employer understands and invests in your physical and mental health?

Benefits of Workplace wellness include:

  • Increased productivity and creativity

  • Improved Mental health

  • Reduces stress levels

  • Less sick days due to stress, illness or pain

  • Improved energy, sleep, creativity and mood

  • Ripple effect on other areas in life

  • Building long term sustainable lifestyle changes

  • Happier and Healthier employees who Feel Good!


Here’s how to Feel Good at work
Exercise for Sanity, Not Vanity: Lavina’s message for Mental Health Awareness Week

Having graduated with a First Class Degree, my first role was during the start of the Internet boom at Boo.com, progressing at several companies and then excelling at her last corporate role by reaching Senior level at BP as a Global Project Manager, responsible for multi-million-pound projects, managing teams onshore and offshore.

Having left a corporate career behind after her third son 14 years ago, I went on my own Wellness Journey and requalified just three and a half years ago as a Personal Trainer, founder of @feelgoodwithlavina.

I understand the challenges of the workplace, as well as being a mother, female and now a South Asian influencer with a large social media presence, regularly on TV & Radio, promoting the health benefits of exercise.

I have worked with many corporates and financial institutions to promote Workplace Wellness and encourage ‘Working Out from home’ over the pandemic. These have included providing virtual workouts, my concept of “Exercise Snacking”, Desk Snacks, Live Q&As, Wellness Goal Setting, company talks, podcasts and global Team Building events emphasising my slogan of “Exercise for Sanity not Vanity”.


Here’s how to Feel Good at work
How exercise can help people with diabetes: Find out with Diabetes UK

Lavina Mehta was awarded an MBE for services to health and fitness during Covid-19. She is passionate about promoting the health benefits of exercise to treat, prevent and reduce risks of common chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis.

  • Feel Good physically & mentally with FREE “Exercise Snacks” & “21 Day Feel Good Workout Plan” here.

  • Join Lavina’s NEW Online Training Package, which includes access to her private Feel Good Facebook Community with over 160 saved workouts for replay on demand, in a supportive community for women to share meals, recipes and tips! It also includes to her Exclusive Feel Good App, which provides structured plans for the Gym & Home, to log and track your workouts, food, measurements and progress. More here.

  • Tune into Lavina’s FREE seniors workout sessions every Friday at 10am GMT on Zoom. She also has over 100 saved sessions you can replay anytime that suits you, many translated into Gujarati with her mother-in-law on YouTube.

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