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Nutraceuticals may help slow down the ageing process

Nutraceuticals may help slow down the ageing process

In a recent study, researchers discovered that nutraceuticals products derived from food sources with extra health benefits in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods as the potential elements to slow ageing processes and help in avoiding a host of chronic diseases that are associated with it.

Nutraceuticals refer to natural foods such as fortified dairy products and citrus fruits as well as antioxidants, dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals.

Ageing is considered synonymous with the appearance of major diseases and an overall decline in physical and mental performance. The recent study summarises the main findings on nutraceuticals that are believed to slow ageing processes by delaying and even preventing the development of multiple chronic diseases. These nutraceuticals may help improve productivity and quality of life in the elderly.

Researchers from Migal-Galilee Research Institute (Israel), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), and University of Belgrade (Serbia) have contributed their review after conducting a literature review work published on of nutraceuticals.

The research found that the most robust environmental manipulation for extending lifespan is caloric restriction without malnutrition. Some nutraceuticals can mimic caloric restriction effects. Caloric restriction is well established as a strategy to extend lifespan without malnutrition.

A variety of nutraceuticals were reported to mimic the effect of caloric restriction by modulating the activity of insulin, like growth factor 1 receptor signalling and sirtuin activity and consequently promote longevity.

The review, published in Current Nutraceuticals?, offers a special focus on the nutraceuticals that impact insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor signalling and sirtuin activity in mediating longevity and healthspan.
Within Indian food and spice groups, turmeric is also believed to be beneficial towards counteracting the onset of age-related ailments such as dementia and Alzheimer's. Most research indicates that turmeric in general, and curcumin specifically, has anti-inflammatory properties, and it's this ability to address inflammation that makes it a possible treatment option for various forms of dementia. However, clinical studies remain ongoing to establish whether it can have any reversal benefits on such age-related issues as well.

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