Self-care, breathing exercises to help fight back against Covid-19 infections

Self-care, breathing exercises to help fight back against Covid-19 infections

In this column, I wanted to share how I contracted Covid-19, despite being double vaccinated, and hope that by sharing my journey it raises awareness to remain safe and how the virus can affect everyone so differently.

I got my first symptoms of Covid four weeks ago with a new cough and tiredness. I was expecting to get it as my 13-year-old son had tested positive for Covid a few days before, but assumed it would be mild if I do.

As he had six days of temperature I had been nursing him. I, like him, felt symptoms for a few days but kept testing negative on home lateral flow tests... which only turned positive after a few days. Luckily, we had all already been isolating and a PCR test confirmed it.


Self-care, breathing exercises to help fight back against Covid-19 infections
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This is a key point especially as cases among kids are rising. Many people are asymptomatic also. My advice would be to keep testing, especially if you have kids.

I am double vaccinated with the Oxford/Astra Zeneca vaccine. I have never had Covid before; despite my husband having it in November. I had a few other near miss instances leading to periods of Covid anxiety. I‘ve been very careful over the pandemic, not going out much after the restrictions eased first few lockdowns to protect my parents and my mother-in-law, who I do the seniors workouts with.

Yes, I’m fit, with no known underlying health conditions and being double vaccinated the assumption is the symptoms are mild. I was lucky not to have very high fever and I managed to do my webinar for Diabetes UK as an ambassador on the day I received my Positive result. You can now watch this session on “How Exercise Can Help People with Diabetes”, which was also supporting this year's South Asian Heritage Month.

For the first 10 days I felt extremely tired, had tightness in my chest and was unusually out of breath, even when not overexerting myself. I recall once getting out of bed and walking up the stairs slowly to find myself very breathless. I have an oximeter and my SATs dropped to 92. I called 111 and assessed I should be ok as my resting level was 96. It’s usually 99. I continued to keep a close eye on my SATs thereafter.


Self-care, breathing exercises to help fight back against Covid-19 infections
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I have shared a lot of my Covid journey on my Instagram stories and posts, including some of the “Home Self-Care Tips” I found helped me – but please do consult your GP, physician or healthcare professional if you have any health conditions or concerns.

Here are some of the Breathing Exercises that I’ve been using pre and during my Covid. As my main and most worrying symptoms have been breathlessness, chest tightness and fatigue, these have helped me alleviate the associated anxiety and worry, and remain positive.

I’m feeling much better over the last few days but am taking each day as it comes and listening to my body. My son seems fine now (except for still not being able to smell). I have had lots of tests this week which have been all clear and am going to take a holiday as the doctor has ordered to fully rest and recover.

Please stay safe and well everyone!

Lavina Mehta was awarded an MBE for services to health and fitness during Covid-19. She is passionate about promoting the health benefits of exercise to treat, prevent and reduce risks of common chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and osteoporosis.

In her regular Feel Good series with iGlobal, the award-winning personal trainer and wellness coach shares stories from her journey into fitness, workout tips and announcements about her upcoming online sessions.

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