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Skipping Sikh displays some energetic exercise tips for the festive season

Skipping Sikh displays some energetic exercise tips for the festive season

Rajender Singh MBE runs through some very easy to follow exercise routines that he has lived by to stay fit and healthy. For DiwaliFest2020, he sent out a simple message for Bandi Chhor Divas, which coincides with Diwali for Sikhs, about staying fit as he runs through his routine to inspire others to join in.

“The man is made of steel,” shares his daughter Minreet Kaur, who accredits her father’s strength of character to his Gur-Sikh way of living, taught to him by his Army officer father back in Punjab.

“Exercise is a part of my religion,” Singh told ‘iGlobal’. His father taught him the importance of a disciplined and active lifestyle through farming and exercise. Having never visited a gym, Singh still practises his father's techniques every day in his allotment and at his home in Hillingdon.

“Amritdhari Sikhs meditate, exercise, and practise an honest and truthful life. In the morning when I wake up, the first thing I say is God’s name,” says Singh, as he shares an insight into his daily routine.

Pre-lockdown, his days included 5k park runs and sewa at his local gurdwara. “Anything can be sewa, even picking up litter from the bus and placing it in the bin, as long as you are looking after the world,” he explains.

*For many more such inspiring health tips for the festive season, click here

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