Some beauty tips to pamper and brighten the mood

Some beauty tips to pamper and brighten the mood
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Feeling down? Try giving yourself a head massage, mastering the latest nail trends, or learning new make-up tricks. The smallest of pampering pick-me-ups can make all the difference if your spirits are flagging.

Spending just a few minutes looking after your body can provide a much-needed boost on down days, after all, one of the hottest beauty buzzwords for 2021 is self-care. Whether it’s spritzing your favourite scent, taking a bath, perfecting the latest nail trend, or giving yourself a massage, here are some top tips to brighten your mood.

TLC for your tresses

There’s nothing better for banishing blues than showing off a new haircut, but if your next appointment is ages away, spend time caring for your hair. There are plenty of at-home treatments around! We love Coco & Eve’s Like a Virgin Hair Masque, a five-in-one treatment that deeply conditions damaged hair, tames frizz, and treats split ends.

If you’re feeling stressed, give yourself a head massage next time you wash your hair. It’s even better if your shampoo contains lavender to help you unwind. Using your fingertips, apply pressure in circular motions all over your scalp. If you’re in need of a mood-boosting new look, consider a temporary hair colour such as on-trend red, baby blue, or blonde.


Show your neglected nails some love and get them in tip-top condition with a nourishing treatment like Mavala Cuticle Oil.

Brightly painted nails never fail to cheer the mood, so grab an on-trend pastel shade such as spearmint or the all-at-once look (each nail is a different bright colour) and get painting!

If you have a bit more time, embrace your inner artist and experiment with nail stickers - Ciaté London has plenty of fun designs.


Some beauty tips to pamper and brighten the mood
Some handy, healthy beauty tips in time for Valentine’s Day

Learn some new tricks

Social media is packed with make-up tutorials, and celebs such as Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez regularly post hacks on how to achieve their flawless looks, so get busy and experiment. Make sure you have good lighting, a decent mirror, and of course all the essential products and tools. It’s never too late to master the timeless smokey eye and you’ll feel fabulous showing off your new look.

Massage your cares away

Hands are excellent de-stressing tools, so if you’re feeling tense try some simple reflexology. Using your thumb, press lightly on the padded area of your palm below your thumb on the opposite hand. Hold the pressure for 10 seconds then release and repeat five times.

Massage tools such as the Gua Sha have also become popular. First used in ancient Chinese healing and often formed from jade stone, they increase circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, and reduce puffiness around the eyes.

For tired eyes, use the flatter side of the Gua Sha tool, being careful not to drag or use too much pressure. Move the tool smoothly and slowly out towards the temples to help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

The brow can hold a lot of tension, so going over this area a few times will help release stress. Using the curved edge start from the top of the nose, smooth outwards, and guide to the temple.

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