How to introduce calm into your routine

How to introduce calm into your routine

Whether you have a window of five minutes or several hours, there are certain practices you can do to bring calm into your daily routine.

Now more than ever we should be setting aside time each day to give ourselves a break from the stresses of day-to-day life.

"It's no secret that recent times have been turbulent for many of us and so it makes sense, now more than ever, for all of us to check in on our wellbeing and manage our stress levels," says Sarah Crawley, Director of Wellness at Botanics and Boots UK.

"Some simple ways that you can unwind and de-stress: focus on your breathing, eat mood-boosting foods, treating yourself to something like chocolate can actually increase serotonin levels, get some exercise, talk to a loved one and ensure you get enough sleep."

To promote the launch of the Botanics Simply Calm Cleansing Milk and Facial Oil, Sarah has gives a rundown of the ways you can de-stress, depending on how much time you have to spare.

- Five minutes free? Take a quick break and focus on taking some deep breathes and stretches, or listen to some soothing music to slow down your thoughts.

- 15 minutes? Go for a short walk to clear your head and boost endorphin levels, take time to catch up with friends or family or try reading a magazine or book.

- An hour? Go for a jog or follow a Yoga class, go for a coffee and a socially distanced catch-up with a friend or just take the time to sit quietly and people watch whilst indulging in a good podcast or music.

- Half a day? Now that we can get out and about more, why not treat yourself to some retail therapy or book in for a massage and pamper session. Alternatively, take the time to get into the fresh air and for a long walk or jog and leave your phone behind (or put it on silent) to really immerse in your 'me' time.


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