Let’s get started on hitting those New Year wellness goals

Let’s get started on hitting those New Year wellness goals

Let’s talk about getting healthier in 2021, so you can finally achieve your wellness goals. What are these for you?

For instance, have you been wanting to lose weight because your doctor advised that this reduces your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol?

Do you want to feel better within yourself and have more energy, not feel sluggish through the day?

Do you want to fit into your clothes more comfortably?

And can I check what have you tried in the past to get to your wellness goals?

I have clients who previously tried counting calories, Weight Watchers, Cambridge Diet, Slimming World, cutting grains, intermittent fasting, stopping sugar, etc. But they found that they could only do these diets for a short time and then the weight crept back up.

New habits

The reason I bring this up is, that now more than ever before, we all know that our health is a priority. And we also know that being overweight or obese increases the risk of many diseases and also could result in more severe symptoms of Covid-19.

You don’t need me (or anyone else) telling you how important it is for you to look after yourself better and get to your optimum weight.

But, at the same time, this is something I know many struggle to do on their own, because they don’t know what to do and how to make these changes.

I get messages from busy people all over the world asking what they can do to improve their health. They tried adding in a healthy smoothie or making a salad but that was not enough to show them results. Maybe, you too have tried and find that you eat healthy for a few days and then go back to your old habits.

It’s great that you start. But for real lasting results you need to make it part of your life and not do short term diets.

Consistency is key

Not only do I want you to be CONSISTENT, but I also want you to ENJOY your wellness journey.

Instead of being deprived or frustrated, I’m showing you how to create the healthier life you want, in my brand new master training: Get Healthier And Lose Weight (even if you don't have much time)

This are my proven five key tips on what to do, without needing to spend hours cooking or exercising as I know you are busy.

In this brand-new training, I’ll show you:

  • Why quick fix diets don’t work. It’s not your fault that you did not see results, these diets are just not sustainable.

  • What to eat. The exact foods my clients eat daily and how they can eat the same meals as their families.

  • What to do when you have cravings. Giving up your treats doesn’t work, as that makes you crave them even more. I’ll share what to do instead.

  • Enjoy your wellness journey. Your health is not a priority for just one or two months, instead it's your lifelong journey and I’ll show you how to make it fun.

  • One key thing that you need to see results. You don’t need to depend on willpower or self-discipline once you’ve done this.

Pick the online training that you can join (there are different dates/times).

If you are willing to invest just one hour with me to learn what to do, I promise to teach you some effective tips that my clients have been using to lose weight, increase energy, improve digestion and look and feel good.

Look forward to seeing you during the online training and there will be a live Q&A at the end of the free session for you to ask me questions.

Sujata Din is a Certified Health Coach and Certified Professional Cancer Coach. In this regular column for ‘iGlobal’, she offers some special insights, from useful wellness tips to recipes for creations that are not only delicious but also healthy.

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