Write away your worries by keeping a to-do list

Write away your worries by keeping a to-do list

Ticking off the jobs on your to-do list can offer a self-esteem boost. If the turbulence of 2020 has left you struggling to sleep or feeling anxious, making a to-do list could help calm your mind.

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in national lockdowns, fears for loved ones, financial strain and a surge in mental health issues including depression, anxiety, and loneliness. It's easy to feel swamped sometimes, so if your sleep is suffering because you can't switch off at night, or you're feeling overwhelmed, making a to-do list can be a great release.

"At the moment, we are living in such uncertain times and our anxiety levels are even higher than normal meaning anything we can do to calm this is essential," said Anna Khanna, author and founder of Socialista Media.

"Anxiety can massively affect our sleeping patterns, so having a to-do list to calm and centre ourselves can certainly make us feel more relaxed."

The National Health Service (NHS) advises setting aside time before bed to make plans for the next day to clear your mind before you attempt to sleep.

"Having a to-do list next to your bed is a great idea," Anna advised. "This means when all those thoughts are going through your head at night you can write them down immediately taking the weight of remembering it off your shoulders; enabling you to enjoy a deeper sleep."

If sleeping isn't an issue but you're struggling with mounting tasks during the day, use a notebook to keep track of your responsibilities. Working through that list can be a great way to boost self-esteem.

"It's a fact that lists make you more proactive! The feeling of productivity makes you feel so positive, accomplished and energised," Anna, who has designed a collection of notebooks and to-do list notepads, said.

"It's always great to do things in a specific order too – so you can sort by favourite task, least favourite task or in order of importance but also gives you a strategy for getting things done which is so important especially when you're WFH [work from home].

"You can literally see tasks being ticked and actively see that you are moving through your day efficiently and productively."


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