Meditational Yoga: A simple and effective resource

Meditational Yoga: A simple and effective resource

Yoga and Meditation are not the terms readers would be unfamiliar with nor the fact that these are two of the well recognised techniques for the development of health and wellbeing.

However, Meditational Yoga combines these two techniques into a Yoga practice that delivers the benefits of both. The first few minutes of the practice are spent on relaxing the whole body.

By using:

  • Full Yoga breath opens up the lungs and enables them to work to their full capacity

  • Focussed breathing enhances the self-healing power of the body

  • Visualisation directs and increases the flow of breath to the desired part of the body

  • You are able to connect with your body and take it into a near state of meditation.

Simple and effective

Asanas in the practice are kept simple and yet they are equally effective. Experience has shown me that carrying out Yoga postures of a simpler nature, performed to the full ability of the practitioner, provides similar benefits to carrying out some of the more rigorous postures. What is important is that these are carried out correctly, with focus, and using breathing for the relaxation of the muscles that are being exercised and stretched. Introducing the meditational approach, which brings the mind into play and a visualisation of having a perfect body? during the course of the practice, enables the tremendous self-healing power of our bodies to enhance the health benefits of the postures. It helps to alleviate/eliminate aches and pains, and cure the body of many chronic diseases.

My experience has also shown that pranayamas have a significant contribution to make to a Yoga practice by improving the health and functioning of the internal organs and improve the immunity of our body.

It does this by:

  • providing a massage to the internal organs

  • Improving the circulation of blood in the body

  • increasing the intake and flow of oxygen to all parts of the body

Inner Peace

This has all been put together and forms a part of my book Develop Health and Inner Peace through Meditational Yoga?. The book was launched in June 2018 in London during the International Day of Yoga celebrations at the High Commission of India in the UK. The book is in fact a compendium on Yoga, covering chapters on types and history of yoga and meditation, breathing, chakras and anatomy of human body.

With regular practice of Meditational Yoga, you will build greater positivity and gradually eliminate negativity from your life. You will develop a mindset of living in the here and now?, rather than regretting the past or worrying about the future. You will become more forgiving. With better control of your mind, you will find inner peace.

I would like to close with a verse from an ancient scripture Katha Upanishad? describing Yoga:

?When the senses are stilled, when the mind is at rest, when the intellect wavers not then, say the wise, is reached the highest stage. This steady control of the senses and mind has been defined as Yoga.

by Jiwan D. Jain

Jiwan is an avid yoga practitioner, teacher and author of the book Develop Health and Inner Peace Through Meditational Yoga.

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