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2 British Indian businessmen enter race to be elected London Mayor

2 British Indian businessmen enter race to be elected London Mayor

Londoners will vote for a new leader on May 2, when Labour’s Sadiq Khan goes to the electorate with the hope of winning a third four-year term as Mayor of London. Ahead of the official list of candidates being declared on April 2, at least two British Indians have entered the mayoral race as independent candidates to challenge the incumbent.

They hope to go head-to-head with Khan and other party candidates, including Susan Hall for the Conservatives, Rob Blackie for the Liberal Democrats, Howard Cox for Reform UK and Zoe Garbett for the Green Party.

Tarun Ghulati

“As Mayor of London, I am determined to do whatever it takes to ensure that London, my chosen home for 20 years, retains its place as the leading Global City and that all Londoners feel safe, secure and empowered with opportunities for growth,” says Tarun Ghulati, an India-born Londoner who wants to use his experience as a “Chairman, President, CEO, Board Member and Strategic Advisor” to make a difference to the lives of Londoners.


2 British Indian businessmen enter race to be elected London Mayor
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“My family heritage, is steeped in service to society for over 140 years, sandwiched between three centuries, the 19th, 20th and 21st. This serves as my guiding light. My life’s work has been dedicated to crafting innovative solutions in banking and financial services worldwide,” he says.

His policy ideas for the city cover:

-          Making London safe for all

-          Getting London moving, by scrapping ULEZ

-          Levelling up for Londoners

-          Strengthening London’s communities

-          Championing London

Shyam Batra

This UK-born property expert describes himself as a visionary leader committed to transforming our beloved city into a vibrant and inclusive metropolis for all.

“I am deeply troubled by the current state of the city. It saddens me to witness residents being taken advantage of and victimised by a defunct policy system. I am fully committed to devoting my energy and passion to this cause,” reads Batra’s vision statement.

“I understand that the road ahead will be challenging, with days and nights filled with overwhelming obstacles. It is precisely these difficulties that we must overcome to regain and restore our city to its rightful place,” he says.


2 British Indian businessmen enter race to be elected London Mayor
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Starting his career at an investment house in London, he went on to establish an insurance and financial advisory business before transitioning into the hotel industry. Today, he leads a “private bespoke financial business, empowering others with less knowledge to find their worth and value through affordable property ownership and frugal business choices”.

His key policy planks are themed around:

-          Communication

-          Infrasructure

-          Transition

-          Youth

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