Diwali may be different this year but still all about family: Priti Patel

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel took some time out of one of the country's toughest jobs to give a peek at what Diwali was like for her growing up and also her favourite mithai and love of Bollywood films during a special "Anything But Politics" session for DiwaliFest2020 last weekend.

"Diwali for us all is going to be very different this year, but not in a bad way. It can be really good because we have learnt to engage and do things so differently,” she said, in a rare behind-the-scenes interaction with Art of Living Foundation UK’s Keerti Mathur.

She also revealed that all the convening around Diwali and getting the family together, this year virtually, always falls to her as the eldest sibling.

“I grew up very much with my mum and dad and my sister… so Diwali as a child always meant family,” she revealed.

*Watch the complete interview attached, which was part of the ‘iGlobal’ DiwaliFest2020 between 6-8 November

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