IGF London to lay foundation for a limitless future against backdrop of Modi Government 3.0

IGF London to lay foundation for a limitless future against backdrop of Modi Government 3.0

Manoj Ladwa, Founder and Chairman of India Global Forum (IGF), congratulated Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on assuming office for a historic third term, highlighting its potential to propel India further as a global economic powerhouse.

Ladwa said: "Prime Minister Modi's re-election marks a pivotal moment in India's journey towards prosperity and global leadership. This third term signifies not just electoral continuity but India's commitment to realising its vision of a becoming a developed nation, as envisioned through the Viksit Bharat initiative."

The Viksit Bharat initiative, spearheaded by Prime Minister Modi, outlines a comprehensive roadmap to transform India into developed nation by 2047 – the centenary year of India’s independence – focusing on infrastructure, innovation, and inclusive growth.

"Given the Prime Minister’s track record, I'm confident India will see unprecedented economic reforms, innovation, and global engagement over the next five years like never before. With India firmly on track to become the world’s third-largest economy, the country’s growth trajectory isn’t just  an opportunity for the people of India, but for the world. Modi’s third term significantly raises the prospect of fostering stronger global ties between India and nations worldwide to tackle shared challenges, drive innovation, and promote sustainable development,” he anticipated.

“His re-election will particularly reinvigorate the UK-India bilateral partnership, which I hope leads to the conclusion of the long-awaited free trade agreement (FTA) after the UK elections, regardless of which party is elected,” he added.

India Global Forum remains committed to its mission of connecting India with the world, promoting meaningful partnerships particularly in the fields of technology, climate change mitigation, healthcare and education, and advancing innovative policymaking. I am looking forward to the upcoming IGF London which will further analyse the limitless opportunities that a Modi Government 3.0 represents, and in particular, the Global Investors Forum at the London Stock Exchange which will provide invaluable insights on the evolving investment landscape in India,” Ladwa concluded.

IGF London, to be held between June 24 and 28, will delve into the recent Indian election results and implications for global geopolitics and business. With over 2000 speakers and participants, and 15 events across iconic venues in London and Windsor, IGF London 2024 will be the first major India centric gathering on the world stage.


IGF London to lay foundation for a limitless future against backdrop of Modi Government 3.0
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