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India’s Greenhouse-in-a-box delivers Prince William’s Earthshot Burger

India’s Greenhouse-in-a-box delivers Prince William’s Earthshot Burger
Courtesy: The Earthshot Prize

Kheyti, which won the Earthshot Prize last year in the “Protect and Restore Nature” category for its Greenhouse-in-a-box innovation, helped create the Earthshot Burger for Prince William’s unique road trip recently.

It formed part of a partnership with the YouTube channel Sorted Food to spotlight the work of the Earthshot Prize, which has been created by the Prince of Wales to help scale up innovative solutions to combat climate change.

Indian start-up Kheyti won for the award for developing a Greenhouse-in-a-box to support small-hold farmers and shelter their crops from unpredictable elements and destructive pests. Plants that are frequently grown in a Kheyti greenhouse, including the vegetables used to make the Earthshot Burger, require 98 per cent less water and yield seven times more crops.

The Sorted Food founders were invited by Prince William to review and test the innovations of Kheyti and two other 2022 winners to create the Earthshot Burger. The resulting YouTube episode follows Prince William and the Sorted Food team as they hit the road in a food truck and surprise people with the royal delivery service.

The other winners from last year's Earthshot Prize put to the test included UK-based Notpla which creates natural and biodegradable food packaging from seaweed to address the global challenge of plastic pollution. While Notpla provided the packaging, Kenya’s Mukuru Clean Stoves were used to cook the burgers to test their cleaner-burning credentials.

Jamie Spafford, Co-Founder of Sorted Food, a UK-based food community, said: “Being joined at our studio and in the food truck by Prince William was a real ‘pinch me’ moment – hearing him explain how passionate he is about helping the planet and what the Earthshot Prize is doing was incredibly inspiring, and has already given us a lot of ideas for future projects to work on with our community.”

With over 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube, Sorted Food is renowned for environmentally friendly food solutions and putting food gadgets through their paces. The collaboration forms part of the Earthshot Prize’s new partnership with YouTube to produce content for the Earthshot channel to inspires users to drive action against climate change with stories of optimism from around the world.


India’s Greenhouse-in-a-box delivers Prince William’s Earthshot Burger
Earthshot Prize 2022: India’s Greenhouse-in-a-Box concept is a winner

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