In search of answers to some legal complexities

In search of answers to some legal complexities

Olivia Cooper is Head of Private Wealth and Family Office at AxiomDWFM law firm, based in London, and has extensive experience in advising ultra high net worth individuals and families. She is a specialist lawyer for cross-border, offshore and international succession and lifetime planning, including the setting up and management of single-family offices, private capital placement and private wealth strategy.

* Please Note: Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance. All investments can fall as well as rise in value and you can lose some or all of your money. Additionally, this podcast does not constitute an investment recommendation

Episode 1

Your questions around impact investing answered

In this iMoney Show special, Olivia reflects on green investments and how climate change has increasingly been on people’s minds when they evaluate the impact their investments can and should have. Climate change is a global concern and wealthy families are increasingly taking it on from an investment perspective, she explains.

Episode 2

To disinherit is not the answer; a well-structured Family Office is

The new celebrity trend is to disinherit your children for fear of ruining their lives with wealth. However, a well-structured Family Office can teach children about being custodians and develop their sense of duty, explains Olivia Cooper.

In this episode, she delves into the many ways to mitigate the risks posed by wealth transfer — from sending children to wealth boot camps when they are young to inducting them into family offices when they are older. Wealthy families can set up foundations with some of the wealth to provide a sense of shared purpose.

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