Battle of the bulge made easy with these healthy habits

Battle of the bulge made easy with these healthy habits

Sujata Din, Certified Health Coach and iGlobal columnist, zeroes in on creating healthy habits on the road to all-round wellness. In our battle of bulge, we often try diets but find that none of these work in the long term. Any weight lost seems to pile back on again.

Episode 1

Fitting fitness into life, rather than fitting life around a diet

In this iWellness Show special, Sujata explains how to stay motivated and positive on your weight loss journey and feel fitter and healthier without feeling deprived of some of your favourite foods.

Episode 2

Healthy holiday tips to keep your fitness goals on track

Whether you’re traveling or not, the holiday season is always a struggle when it comes to healthy eating. We have a different rhythm and healthy habits seems to be difficult to maintain. We’re always excited to go on a holiday, but invariably also a bit worried about our food choices.

In this episode, Sujata shares tips for us to feel healthy and happy through the holiday period. Equally, the things to incorporate into our routine once we are back home from any travels. So, the whole process should seem seamless and also not take away any of the fun from a holiday.

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