Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Living & more

Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Living & more

Dr Ramesh Pattni completed his doctoral thesis at the University of Oxford, Faculty of Theology, on Yoga Psychology based on the Yogasūtra of Patañjali. He has been teaching Hinduism since the 1990s and has a particular interest in the psychological and philosophical aspects of Advaita Vedanta and practical applications of its non-dualist approach.

Episode 1

How Yoga can improve our spiritual health and wellbeing

In this iWellness Show exclusive, he focuses on exploring the connect between Yoga and spirituality. Yoga is a holistic package for happy living, which provides techniques to unite the body, mind and breath. It offers a connect to the inner core of our being – the spiritual aspect of our lives, he explains.

Episode 2

Conscious living and transforming ourselves

We do these things every day, but rarely give them more than a passing thought. Living consciously is about being aware of every aspect of your life and giving it considered thought. In this episode, Dr Pattni talks us through choosing to be mindful of matters both large and small. Concepts with deeper meaning are also sometimes neglected.

Episode 3

Let’s talk about healthy relationships

Healthy relationships should make you feel good about yourself and your partner. Every relationship goes through difficult patches. Having disagreements and differences of opinion are quite normal. However, there are some things everyone deserves from a relationship and these things are what make the relationship healthy and more likely to last. In this episode, Dr Pattni talks about all these aspects of a truly healthy and nourishing relationship.

*The information in this programme and related articles does not constitute professional medical advice. Please always consult your doctor on personal health matters.

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