Diwalifest & Awards 2020 - iGlobal

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I access the virtual event?

On the day of the event, visit website and select the 'Live Stream' tab and login through your registered email id. The stream will start 30 minutes before the first session.

Will I still be able to view the sessions after the event if I am unable to attend on the day?

The full webinar will be available to view after the event. This will be available on the virtual hub in the Content Library

Will I be able to ask questions and communicate with the speakers?

The live sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging and will allow for plenty of opportunities to interact with the speakers, take part in polling activities and submit your questions before and during the sessions.

How do I test my connection?

We recommend that you use wired headphones for the best viewing experience and have a stable connection. For details on technical support, please read our guide by clicking here.

Whom should I contact if I have any questions about iGlobal Diwali fest 2020?

Please fill out the contact form on the get in touch tab or email welcome@indiaincgroup.com

Where can I see the event agenda?

The full agenda can be viewed on the agenda page.

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