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Capturing empowering real-life stories with ‘The New Woman’

Capturing empowering real-life stories with ‘The New Woman’

Ritu Sharma has collaborated with 33 co-authors from across different cultures to compile a book with real-life stories of resilience, survival, transformation, and hope. Through her not-for-profit organisation, Kaushalya UK, Ritu is driven to empower, uplift women and enable them to rediscover their power and true worth and conceived the idea of an anthology as a way to achieve this goal.

‘The New Woman’ captures 33 individual stories of women, primarily Global Indians, expressing their vulnerabilities and achievements.

Laudable initiative

This initiative has earned Ritu the Global Women Icon of The Year title at the Global Choice Awards 2021, presented by former Miss Universe and entrepreneur Lara Dutta.

‘The New Woman’ shares “no holds barred” stories of women from all walks of life, from the British Indian diaspora and India, Australia, Africa and the US. The cultural insights highlight the plight of many women who live in a patriarchal society that perceives women as second-class citizens. These women have all been broken from where they emerged victorious as new women. Ritu uses the Japanese Kintsugi Bowls concept to express that their learning is like the golden thread that puts it back together even more beautiful and valuable.


Capturing empowering real-life stories with ‘The New Woman’
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Building blocks of life

Ritu reflects, "Stories are essential building blocks of empathy and human connection. Sharing our stories become of utmost importance if and when these reflect lived experiences and are capable of both bringing healing and changing lives."

"This is my story, but I am NOT the story," writes Ila Khagram in the first captivating tale of survival in this book.

The collaborators were specially chosen to share their experiences of surviving trauma and other stressful situations life has thrown at all of us. Each contributor raises their voice and shares their real-life inspirational story, showing their resilience.


Capturing empowering real-life stories with ‘The New Woman’
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Getting under the skin

Along with the readers, it must have been a cathartic journey, an empowering feeling for the authors to come out of their comfort zone and share their darkest episodes of life with the entire world.

In her story, 'Freedom To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin', author Azmina Jiwa goes deeper into her psyche to eradicate the victim from within; forgiving and compassionately understanding from everyone's perspectives.


Capturing empowering real-life stories with ‘The New Woman’
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iGlobal View

With intelligent storytelling and editing, each of the stories in the book hooks the readers from the very first word, narrating some of the most complex human emotions, stories of turmoil and survival in almost childlike simplicity.

And yet, the inherent insecurity which perhaps all Indian women compulsorily inherit, irrespective of country or culture, becomes palpable as we read on.

Flipping the pages of this book will make you want to leave everything else and finish reading through all the stories. And on completion, you become a part of the team, empowered by 33 new-found best friends with you.

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