Oratorio of Hope concert to harmonise cultural diversity of London

Oratorio of Hope concert to harmonise cultural diversity of London

‘Oratorio of Hope’, the opening event of the cross-cultural celebration of London Borough of Culture 2023, will see British Indian charity Subrang Arts collaborate with London Mozart Players (LMP) next month.

The team recently offered a glimpse of what’s in store in the double-bill main event in their inaugural concert, blending Indian classical ragas with magical orchestra harmony. Renowned Sitarist Debipriya Sircar, Tabla player Saleel Tambe (pictured above) and flautist Praveen Prathapan along with the LMP team have enthralled the Croydon audience at the launch event.

“Our collaboration project, ‘Oratorio of Hope’, will showcase the main concert on April 1 and 2 in Fairfield halls on a much bigger scale with 45 piece orchestra and dancers,” informs Saleel Tambe.

“This will be a very significant and unique event for the London Borough of Culture firstly because it is a collaboration of a variety of music that resides in Croydon. And secondly, it harmonises the cultural diversity of Croydon. Moreover, it represents the rise of positive creativity after Covid. I am looking forward to this jubilant musical creation!” Tambe added.

British Indian multi-faceted artist Saleel Tambe has received various awards and accolades for music and photography and conducts several workshops and shows throughout the country. Born to musician parents, Tambe has been associated with stalwarts like Pt. Bhimsen Joshi, Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki, Pt. C. R. Vyas and many others from early childhood.

In ‘Oratorio of Hope’, he will be playing the Tabla with a group of musicians curating a wonderful mix of Indian melody structure overlayed on a western theme.

London Mozart Players, or LMP, are Croydon’s resident orchestra based at Fairfield Halls. They will be opening this year’s event – ‘This is Croydon: London Borough of Culture’ on April 1, Saturday and April 2, Sunday, with two performances of ‘Oratorio of Hope’ at Fairfield Halls. It will be an original eight-movement composition presented by LMP and Subrang Arts involving an exciting range of local performers and collaborating partners.

The London Borough of Culture award brings Londoners together, putting culture at the heart of local communities, where it belongs, illuminating the character and diversity of London’s boroughs and showing culture is for everyone.


Oratorio of Hope concert to harmonise cultural diversity of London
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Launched in 2017, there have been two rounds of London Borough of Culture so far. Croydon will be London Borough of Culture in 2023, showcasing everything from major events with internationally renowned performers alongside emerging home-grown talent to dozens of cultural activities from Croydon’s communities.

This spectacular event will showcase the best of Croydon’s talent through music, spoken word, song, dance, film and visual art and share stories of hope for the future. The ‘Oratorio of Hope’ will include over 250 borough schoolchildren who will take to the stage at the end of the piece for a feel-good grand finale.


Oratorio of Hope concert to harmonise cultural diversity of London
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Apart from LMP and Subrang Arts, some other significant organisations and artists taking part in this multicultural event are Agudo Dance Company, Shaniqua Benjamin (Croydon’s Poet Laureate), Jonathan Bloxham (conductor), Crisis Skylight Croydon Singers, Croydon Music & Arts (CMA), Croydon Voices Community Choir, Riddlesdown Collegiate, and Silvastone.

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