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Some last-minute gift ideas to add to festive cheer

Some last-minute gift ideas to add to festive cheer
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Christmas is the season of joy, giving back and spending quality time with friends and family. With people travelling across the country to visit families and friends, shops – both online and stores – are stacked with Christmas gifts of all shapes and sizes.

While fun, however, choosing gifts can become quite a task, especially for those us who have not yet had a chance to do a proper Christmas shopping deep dive.

Here iGlobal offers a quick list of some handy gift options, including some stocking fillers, for those having a hard time deciding or are just short on time!


As one of the most distinct features of the season, there is definitely something about candles that never gets old.

Opting for scents like apple, cinnamon, berries, or any other spice blends is probably your best bet for a Christmassy gift. Adding light and cosiness to any room, they are sure to perfectly fit in with the festive vibe of the season!

Pair of socks

Who doesn’t love a cute, Christmassy pair of socks to keep you warm over the cooler months? This little gift can be as silly or fun as you like. With such a wide range of socks available everywhere at the moment, there are so many options. Socks with adorable winter animal prints, from penguins and polar bears to reindeers and robins are just as popular as the ones with a more Christmassy feel like Santa hats or even pompoms!

Hot chocolate collection

This one is great especially for those who love to cuddle up with a good book and a hot drink. Perhaps one of the most popular winter drink, hot chocolate is truly a treat regardless of one’s age. Hot chocolate mixes are a popular gift with almost all chocolate brands offering their own festive collection this time of the year.

Of course, you can always swap that hot chocolate with a similar coffee or herbal tea collection and make an equally great gift!

Mixed nuts

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a fitness freak, then a healthy option like mixed nuts snack packs are a great idea. Nuts like pecans and walnuts are commonly associated with the winter months thanks to commonly being used in festive recipes and have great health benefits, too!


Some last-minute gift ideas to add to festive cheer
Carols, cake, millets add festive cheer for Christmas at India House

Yoga mats

A great gift for the yoga-enthusiast, try to look for a yoga mat with a good unique selling point. Yoga mats made from sustainable materials like jute, for example, make a great gift. Perhaps there are online retailers who also offer customisable yoga mats allowing you to add the name of your friend or family members, making it a memorable gift they will use every day!

Home-made hampers

Of course, you can always grab ready-made hampers like the ‘cheese and chutneys’ or ‘cheese and wine tasters’ but this one will give you the creative freedom to really make the hamper your own. You can include your favourite items from tried and tested brands and customise it any way you want. You could maybe include a personal note or a Christmas message or add in a few silly gifts to the mix.

This option might work out particularly well if you are looking to pack gift hampers for a large number of people but are on a budget and want to make things a bit more streamlined.


Some last-minute gift ideas to add to festive cheer
Some alternative ideas for a scrumptious Christmas family meal

Above all, however, gift-giving is all about spreading joy. The gift can be as small or simple as you like, but if it is well-chosen, it can make all the difference. Maybe a loved one or a friend has mentioned something they wanted or needed in the last few weeks or months? That could be all the inspiration you need, and they will surely appreciate you putting so much thought into the gift too!

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