India-UK Leadership Summit: Empowering tomorrow’s student leaders

India-UK Leadership Summit: Empowering tomorrow’s student leaders

The Indian National Students Union (INSA) UK recently concluded a successful India-UK Student Leadership Summit at the Houses of Parliament in London. Here the anchor of the event, attended by student leaders from over 40 universities around the UK, shares some key highlights and outcomes.

On March 11, the grand halls of the UK Parliament in London played host to an inspiring gathering — the INSA UK Student Leadership Summit. This unprecedented event brought together more than 65 student leaders and representatives from over 40 Indian societies across various universities, alongside delegates from 10 student unions.

It was a gathering unlike any other, designed to catalyse meaningful dialogue, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas pivotal to shaping the future of leadership in academia and beyond.

The summit was made possible by the steadfast support of Rt. Hon. Navendu Mishra, Labour MP from Stockport, whose dedication to empowering youth leadership played a pivotal role in orchestrating this landmark event. The presence of several dignitaries such as Mishra, Virendra Sharma, Bob Blackman, Gareth Thomas, Matt Western, Steve Tuckwell, Mark Jenkinson and Shri Deepak Choudhary (Minister Coordination, High Commission of India) underscored the significance of the occasion.

With representation from diverse universities and political backgrounds, the summit provided a fertile ground for constructive discussions on the pressing issues confronting students today. Topics ranged from educational reforms and student welfare to societal challenges and global perspectives. It symbolises a broader movement towards youth empowerment and engagement. By empowering young leaders to become active participants in shaping their own futures.

As we reflect on the success of the INSA Student Leadership Summit, we are reminded of the immense potential that lies within the youth. By harnessing this potential and providing platforms for meaningful engagement, we can pave the way for a more inclusive, equitable, and prosperous future for all.

The summit may have concluded, but its impact will continue to reverberate, inspiring generations of student leaders to come.

by Sukritha Reddy 

Sukritha Reddy is Vice-President of University of Middlesex Student Union and Head of LinkedIn, Indian National Students Association (INSA) UK.


India-UK Leadership Summit: Empowering tomorrow’s student leaders
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