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Sewa UK celebrates phenomenal success of Rickshaw Run fundraiser

Sewa UK celebrates phenomenal success of Rickshaw Run fundraiser

Rickshaw Run 2023, organised by Sewa International UK, challenged conventional norms of travel as teams concluded an epic journey across diverse landscapes at the end of last year.

From bustling cities to remote villages, the rickshaw convoy weaved through India's heart from Chitrakoot through to Kutch, Gujarat, – covering four states, driving over 2,000 km, testing the mettle of participants and their three-wheeled companions.

December 2023 witnessed an exhilarating and unforgettable adventure as the charity initiative took 108  self-funded participants on an epic journey across challenging terrains. Fusing the thrill of a Rickshaw Run with the spirit of charity, the event captured the hearts and minds of adventurers, all while contributing to meaningful causes. Having raised over £620,000 so far with many donations still coming in, it was undoubtedly a big success for the charity.

Sewa UK said in a statement: “Known for its commitment to humanitarian causes, Sewa UK ensured that the Rickshaw Run wasn't just about the thrill of the ride but also about making a positive impact.

“Teams participating in the event were encouraged to raise funds to build Deen Dayal Research Institute Dental Hospital in Aroghyadham in Chitrakoot championed by Sewa UK, turning the adventure into a meaningful philanthropic endeavour which will reach out to over 500 surrounding villages, enabling them to transform lives and provide free or very affordable cleft and palate surgery. The operations that will take place will be life changing and will enable them to integrate into normal society without any associated stigma.”

The charity shared its aim to have several camps every year that provide various medical treatments to marginalised communities. Using the skills and dedication of teams of volunteers from the UK, Sewa UK supports the training of local staff to treat patients and educate villagers so they can become self-reliant.


Sewa UK celebrates phenomenal success of Rickshaw Run fundraiser
Sewa UK Rickshaw Run 2023: Journey of compassion, unity, change

“One of the defining features of the Rickshaw Run is the camaraderie that emerges among the participants. Teams from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and countries came together, forming bonds forged by the shared challenges and triumphs of the road. The spirit of teamwork and mutual support was palpable as everyone navigated the unpredictable terrain in their resilient rickshaws,” the statement added.

The Rickshaw Run 2023 didn't just follow well-trodden paths; it explored the road less travelled. From the urban chaos of metropolitan areas to the serene landscapes of rural India, participants experienced the rich tapestry of the country. The route was carefully curated to showcase the diverse beauty of India while testing the limits of the Rickshaws and their intrepid drivers. The journey was filled with unforgettable moments, from breakdowns in the middle of nowhere to impromptu interactions with locals.

Sewa UK said: “Spending the day with the less abled children from various Sewa UK projects had been a pivotal moment for many participants these shared experiences forged lasting memories that will undoubtedly be retold with laughter and nostalgia in the years to come.

“Leaving lifelong permanent footprints in the participants hearts, as they distant themselves from the materialistic world and delve into the world of selfless giving. As hearts connected and participants became more connected to underprivileged world they had before them.”

The New Year was marked with the 36 rickshaws being distributed to underprivileged families in Gujarat, as a pathway to long- term sustainable livelihoods.


Sewa UK celebrates phenomenal success of Rickshaw Run fundraiser
From Cycle4Sewa to Medics4Sewa, Sewa UK has something for everyone

In the spirit of adventure, charity, and camaraderie, Rickshaw Run 2023 will go down in Sewa UK history as a journey that transcended the ordinary and left an indelible mark on all those who took part.

*Info: Sewa UK

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