FISI UK explores policy perspectives on Indic refugees

FISI UK explores policy perspectives on Indic refugees

The diaspora group Friends of India Society International (FISI) UK hosted an event entitled "Exploring India's Future: Policy Perspectives on Indic Refugees Post-CAA" in the UK Parliament last week. CAA refers to India’s landmark Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 which provides a fast track to naturalisation for persecuted Hindu, Parsi, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain and Christian minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan. 

Attendees included members of Parliament and peers such as Bob Blackman, Theresa Villiers, Virendra Sharma and Lord Rami Ranger. During the event, honourable Parliamentarians underscored the importance of freedom of religion and religious tolerance, particularly in countries like Pakistan. They emphasised that every individual should have the liberty to celebrate their chosen religion with peace and freedom, which is a fundamental human right.

The keynote speaker was Shri Kiran Chukkapalli, founder of Think Peace and Refugee Aid Project. His organisation, Refugee Aid, endeavours to shed light on the arduous journey of persecuted Hindus in Pakistan and their challenges as silent refugees in India. While these individuals have escaped a life plagued by fear, humiliation, and violence in their home country, they now aspire to find dignity in India.

During his speech, Chukkapalli shared poignant stories of young girls who are abducted, forcibly converted and denied contact with their families. He highlighted the failure of Pakistan's government machinery, including its highest court, to protect these individuals, leaving them and their families utterly helpless. He emphasised that as many as 350 girls go missing from the Sindh province of Pakistan, underscoring the magnitude of the issue. With such blatant intolerance and human rights violation, they make their way to India, many with a mere £40. Recognising the dire circumstances faced by these refugees, his organisation is actively developing a comprehensive policy to address the specific needs of Hindu and Sikh refugees fleeing persecution.


FISI UK explores policy perspectives on Indic refugees
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The event engaged and motivated the audience, drawing a diverse cross-section of the Indian diaspora, including councillors, leaders of various community organisations, and journalists. Rajni Negi, an Executive Member of FISI, skilfully compered the event, while Vinay Pujari, also an Executive Member of FISI, extended the vote of thanks.

Friends of India Society International (FISI) UK is a non-profit organisation that strives to strengthen the relationship between UK and India and also promotes dialogue on India’s social and cultural issues.

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