Roots & Changes: Bhavik Haria launches new album to #KeepBhajansAlive

Roots & Changes: Bhavik Haria launches new album to #KeepBhajansAlive

After some great build up with regular live Bhajan concerts across social media over the past year, attracting more than 500,000 views, Bhavik Haria has launched his much-anticipated album ‘Roots & Changes’ this month.

The album brings together musical elements from both traditional Indian and Western cultures to create a contemporary appreciation of Bhajans, fulfilling his mission to inspire the next generation and spread the love for Bhajans.

The first Bhajan on the album, the ‘Gayatri Mantra’, released across all major streaming platforms June 11, followed by a new track releasing every Friday thereafter.

Haria shares: “When I started out many years ago, I didn’t know what all the bhajans meant either as they can be quite complex, but I’ve grown to understand and appreciate what they mean and how they impact people.

“Seeing my friends now, who, growing up, didn’t understand or enjoy them, come to my events and really get into it is really rewarding and humbling.”

Haria is a young London-based singer, known for his versatility of performing Bhajans with equal measures of love and passion. His mellifluous and powerful voice has an incredible range, described as a voice that moves and soothes the soul.


Roots & Changes: Bhavik Haria launches new album to #KeepBhajansAlive
FaithTech Series: Bhavik Haria tunes up for a Bhajan Tour across India for DiwaliFest2020

Professor Dr Atul Shah reflects: “Bhavik’s music represents the best of the history and heritage of India, and draws upon that ocean of wisdom which combines respect for all living beings, peace and tranquillity and harmony."

Ten years after his first album was released, Bhavik embarked on a mission to inspire the next generation through his music and release this new album showcasing a contemporary collection of Bhajans via a crowdfunding campaign. Bhavik Haria's crowdfunding campaign reached its funding target of £15,000 in just 14 days and still continues to attract supporters to this genre and mission.

The album has been produced by the talented UK-based producer, Rushil, who brought in a new dimension to the project, introducing accents from around the globe – with choral effects, the Saxophone and Sarangi, to name a few.

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