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Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty invites investments in self

Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty invites investments in self

Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty Kundra shared a post-workout picture of herself on social media alongside a note on the importance of health and well-being, inviting her fans to find time to invest in themselves.

Shetty, known for box-office hits such as Dhadkan? and her fitness videos, took to Instagram to post the picture in which she is dressed up for workout and showing off her tones abs. The 45-year-old actor-mother admitted that though time is a luxury for her amid various responsibilities, health is an important time investment.

"Time is a luxury for me. On days when I am engulfed with work, responsibilities, duties, travels and trying to be the best mother, wife, professional... with so much happening simultaneously, it sometimes leaves me scrounging for time," she writes.

Confessing that she finds it tough to get the time or motivation to work on her health and fitness at times, Shetty said: "While I try to motivate people to focus on their health, tending to my own health and fitness becomes tough sometimes (believe it or not). It ain't as easy as it seems... So, I have been making the best of this precious time to focus on my health... because health is wealth. "Investing in yourself is the best investment you'll ever make... it will reap benefits to last you a lifetime, quite literally! So, choose to make time and take good care of yourself. Swasth Raho, Mast Raho."

Shetty has long been a fitness-icon in India, owing to her dedication to Yoga and healthy living. She had also launched a wellness app of her own to guide people on managing their health.

The actor posted several messages related to International Day of Yoga 2020 marked on June 21, and even conducted a live session of her own as an expert yogi.

The actor is coordinating with nutritionist Luke Coutinho to share the importance of nutrition through their joint free book The Magic Immunity Pill Lifestyle.

She says: In the midst of all that is happening in the world, when my dear friend and celebrated nutritionist Luke Coutinho said he wanted to write a book that would benefit the society at large, I was game! But, what sealed the deal was that we both wanted to give this out as a free e-book to everyone.


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