Navin Kundra in #LockdownLove Valentine’s Day special

Navin Kundra in #LockdownLove Valentine’s Day special

Popular British Indian singer-songwriter Navin Kundra has not let lockdown stop him, as he hosts a series of parties in the virtual world.

The star, who had headlined the ‘iGlobal’ DiwaliFest extravaganza last year, has turned his Ultimate Lockdown Party on February 13 into a #LockdownLove event to mark Valentine’s Day.

“This Valentine's, make the ultimate romantic gesture... on a live show, from the Voice of Love,” says the singer about the mega virtual party.

It marks the first time that Kundra's regular "Saturday Night Live" show will feature photo dedications, straight from any camera roll to a live broadcast on YouTube and Facebook.

His message is: “Surprise your special someone with a personalised photo and message, to the backdrop of love songs, performed live. Spread some Lockdown Love, this Valentine's.”

The award-winning singer, songwriter and entertainer is seen as one of the strongest independent forces in the Global Indian music industry, who has even broken a 'Guinness World Record' with his music. He has achieved six No. 1 singles in the world charts and has been invited to perform for the British Royal Family as well as the Indian Prime Minister.

“I think lockdown has forced many people, including me and you, to change their game, adapt during these unprecedented times and innovate to survive and thrive. The music industry has been badly hurt, as many artists and musicians have seen the bulk of their income, which comes from live shows, completely disappear with this global pandemic,” he told ‘iGlobal’.

“So, I made a commitment to go ‘Live’ on social media every week and sing my heart out for everyone. I was blown away by the reaction and now I have my own weekly show, ‘Saturday Night Live with Navin Kundra’, with people tuning in from over 40 different countries,” he said.

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