A.R. Rahman’s writer-producer debut ’99 Songs’ is unsurprisingly all about the music

A.R. Rahman’s writer-producer debut ’99 Songs’ is unsurprisingly all about the music

The film ‘99 Songs’, presented by Jio Studios, marks the debut of Academy Award-winning composer A.R. Rahman as writer and producer, and introduces actors Ehan Bhat & Edilsy Vargas.

Directed by Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, the movie follows the journey of a young man named Jay whose life centres around his two great loves: music and his girlfriend Sophie. All is well until Jay's love for music is challenged by Sophie's father. A man who believes that art is an inferior endeavour, Sophie’s father is a mirror to Jay’s own dad.

Jay, whose father always told him that music was nothing but a dangerous waste of time, resolves to show the world that music can and will conquer all. Sometimes, the journey we take is destined to lead us to many revelations and discoveries. It’s, after all, in the unknown that we find ourselves to be limitless.

‘99 Songs’ is Jay's quest to understand his purpose and passion, to overcome the challenges that stand between him and everything he cares about. It is a journey of heartbreak and redemption, of loss and faith. The film is an ode to the timeless power of love and music. It is the embodiment of the belief that one song can and will change the world.

Rahman says of his new venture: “I’m happy to embark on my filmmaking journey with 99 Songs. All these years, you’ve known me as a musician. With ‘99 Songs’, I turn into a storyteller. ‘99 Songs’ is about a musician trying to make it against the odds. It is about his struggle between the old world and the new world, and the antidote is music.

“The film is helmed by the talented director Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy who executed my vision remarkably. The film will also introduce to Bollywood a fresh new face and talent, Ehan Bhat. For his role in the film, Ehan had to learn how to be a musician; he trained in piano at the KM Music Conservatory.

“The timing of the film's release couldn’t be more perfect; the soundtrack has had a good run over a period of one year where people could leisurely listen to each song — I really wanted that because the ‘99 Songs’ soundtrack is pretty complex. I hope people like the film; if they do, then we’ll make more.”

The film is released on April 16, being distributed worldwide by Reliance Jio Studios.

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