‘Bollywood Queen’ all set to bring filmy dance beats to London stage

‘Bollywood Queen’ all set to bring filmy dance beats to London stage
Courtesy: Bolly Flex UK

Bollywood is known for its awestriking displays of colour, dance and celebration, especially when it comes to its famed song and dance sequences. Music and other performing arts have always been an integral part of the industry from the very start, and it continues to attract worldwide audiences to this day.

Taking inspiration from this legacy, Proud Cabaret – a popular club and party venue chain in London – has planned a spectacular new cabaret show that captures the essence, glitz, glamour and extravagance of Bollywood.

“Bollywood is just full of vibrancy, high energy and pure entertainment. Last year, we had an amazing run with Mumbai Masala. And now with Bollywood Queen, we aim to take it to the next level. Since launching the show, the buzz has been amazing, and tickets are selling like hotcakes,” said Alex Proud, owner of Proud Cabaret.


‘Bollywood Queen’ all set to bring filmy dance beats to London stage
Galaxy of stars descend upon Mumbai’s newest cultural hotspot

‘Bollywood Queen’ is a family-friendly show and a feast for the senses, which will be hosted at the Proud City venue in London’s West End. The show tells the story of Bollywood through the decades and narrates the history of Indian cinema, from the golden age of the 1950s and 1960s to the modern era of the 21st century, with all music played live by a talented orchestra. Performances will be paying homage to traditional musical hits as well as contemporary, 21st century scores.

Show director and choreographer, Naz Choudhury, said: “We can’t wait to go live. It’s a dream team of showstoppers from Bolly Flex. The cast are just unbelievably talented and it’s the first time a UK Bollywood dance company is doing such an amazing residency. We’re pulling out all the stops for this one. Big thank you to Alex Proud, Jordan and the whole Proud team for giving us this opportunity and making history.”

The show, which opens next month, will also offer tickets for an authentic Indian three-course meal experience which will celebrate India’s culinary heritage.

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