India set for demanding military exercises with UK in Bay of Bengal

The UK's Carrier Strike Group (CSG), led by HMS Queen Elizabeth, has sailed into the Bay of Bengal in a powerful demonstration of the UK-India Comprehensive Strategic Partnership agreed by both Prime Ministers in May 2021.

In its most substantial port visit to date, the CSG will provide a platform for a wide range of cultural demonstrations and trade and investment initiatives.

Subsequently, the CSG will participate in the most demanding exercise between India and the UK, incorporating elements from all three military services.

British High Commissioner to India, Alex Ellis, said, "India is an essential partner for the UK in the Indo-Pacific region. The Carrier Strike Group's visit demonstrates the deepening of the UK and India's defence and security partnership.

Prime Ministers Modi and Johnson agreed to work in lockstep for our shared security and prosperity. This visit will boost the cooperation of our armed forces and show the living bridge connecting our people."

Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to India, Nepal and Bhutan, Marten van den Berg said, "The Indian Ocean is a gateway for Europe into the Indo-Pacific, and The Netherlands recognises the increasing importance of the Indo-Pacific region and crucial role of India in this region. The visit to the port of Mumbai by HNLMS Evertsen is a confirmation of our long-standing strong relationship and a step towards enhancement of the Netherlands and India defence relations."

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