Indian Air Force flies relief material for strife-torn Sudan

As the efforts for providing assistance to Sudan continued, Indian Air Force sent 24,000 kg of relief material for the war-torn country. The Indian Air Force also said they might bring back approximately 150 stranded Indians.

To help the people in Sudan, the Indian leadership has gone above and beyond the call of duty to protect its citizens in need.
On the dark, an intervening night of April 27 and 28, brave Indian Air Force pilots flew blind in the face of overwhelming odds to rescue 121 stranded Indians in war-torn Sudan.
In an exquisite display of unwavering valour and impeccable operational astuteness, the Indian Bravehearts, with no navigational approach aids or fuel, landed on a run-down airstrip at Wadi Sayyidna with the help of infrared sensors and night vision goggles. In a narrow time frame, with the engine still running, the commandos on board secured passengers and their luggage and accomplished what seemed like an unattainable task in a span of a few minutes.
This swift and efficient operation, a part of the greater rescue operation 'Kaveri' to safely evacuate 3,000 Indians from Sudan, was just one example of India's commitment to her citizens.
Earlier, India undertook a daring and massive endeavour, 'Operation Kaveri' to safely bring back some 3,000 stranded Indians from the conflict-ridden North-eastern African country of Sudan.


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