Indian diaspora prepares grand welcome for Indian PM in Paris

The Indian community in the French capital of Paris is said to be ecstatic and upbeat about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit starting on July 13 and has prepared a grand welcome for the world leader.

PM Modi, who is visiting as the Guest of Honour of the Bastille Day Parade on the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron, will begin his visit with a diaspora interaction. Jayesh Bhavse, Indian Gujarati Cultural Association President, said that they have been preparing to welcome PM Modi as soon as they came to know about his visit. He said that they will present a special turban to PM Modi which will include flags of India and France.

"Every Indian including Gujaratis are excited for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit. We have been preparing for his visit ever since we came to know that PM Modi is travelling to France. You will see the performances, gifts that we will present to PM Modi at the event," Jayesh Bhavse said.
"We have made a turban which includes the flag of India and France. We intend to make PM Modi wear this unique turban at the event. We have submitted all these things at the embassy according to the protocol. Children will perform garba at the event," he said.

He added: "I have every time made preparations for PM Modi's visit to France.

“There are more than 1 lakh (100,000) Indian families living in Paris. We will request PM Modi about our intention to construct Sanatan Temple and we have talked about this with the embassy."

Bhakul Patel, Vice President of Gujarati Cultural Association, said: "I have been living in France for 35-36 years. Our country has got a different identification after PM Modi came to power. Ever since PM Modi came to power, everyone now says Indians are very good people.

"The whole Indian community is excited to welcome PM Modi. Everyone is excited as PM Modi, who is in the present time called Vishwaguru is coming to meet them."
Arjun Rana, who has been living in France for the past 25 years, said, "I will be meeting PM Modi for the first time. Last time, I could not meet PM Modi was out of France due to business. I am very excited as I will see PM Modi live for the first time and will be able to listen to him. All my family members are excited to see PM Modi."

Patel Ketan, a member of the Indian diaspora, who has been living in France since 1998, said: "Everyone is preparing to welcome PM Modi. Girls aged between 8-15 years will perform a dance to welcome PM Modi.

"The relations between India and France will also be beneficial for our business and will affect our economy. Indian students are also coming to study in France."

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the India-France Strategic Partnership and Prime Minister’s visit will provide an opportunity to chart the course of the partnership for the future across diverse sectors such as strategic, cultural, scientific, academic and economic cooperation.


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