Indian PM Modi's 'Mann Ki Baat' @ 100 global success

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 'Mann Ki Baat', which turned 100, saw very wide public engagement with more than 11 lakh people posting photos while listening to Mann Ki Baat in India and abroad.
The broadcast of the 100th episode was a huge success in India and abroad, officials said. Around nine lakh tweets with billions of impressions were registered on social media.
It was widely seen at international embassies of India across the world.
Diaspora organised hundreds of programmes across the globe to watch 'Mann Ki Baat'.

The programme was also broadcast in many community centres, railway stations across the country.
People listened to it across the country in varied places such as coolies listening to it across railway stations. Police personnel also listened to it.
Many film stars also listened and reacted to 'Mann Ki Baat'. Actors Madhuri Dixit, Shahid Kapoor, Rohit Shetty were among those who listened to the 100th episode of the programme at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai.
It was widely seen across religious places, for example, at Irfani Madarsa, Lucknow and Jama Masjid.
#MannKiBaat100Episode, #MannKiBaat100 were trending at the top in Twitter through the day.
The programme, which started on October 3, 2014, has become a key pillar of the government's citizen-outreach programme addressing multiple social groups such as women, youth, and farmers and has spurred community action.
According to a study, over 100 crore people have connected to Mann Ki Baat at least once, it speaks directly to people, celebrates grassroots-level changemakers and achievements of people and has influenced people towards positive actions.


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