Museums mediums of global exchange: Indian PM Modi

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that museums are not just visiting places for youth, they are career opportunities and can act as the medium of global cultural exchanges.
Addressing the inauguration of International Museum Expo 2023 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, the Prime Minister said, "Today's occasion will bring a huge turning point in the world of museums in India. Museums are not just visiting places for our youth anymore. They are a career opportunity. They can act as the medium of global cultural exchange."
"Many of our manuscripts and libraries were burnt during the period of slavery, it was a loss not only of India but of the whole world and the whole of mankind," he added.

"In the Amrit Mahotsav, along with preserving India's heritage, we are also building a new cultural infrastructure. In these efforts of the country, there is also the history of the freedom struggle and there is also a heritage of thousands of years," he said.
He said that after Independence the right efforts to preserve the country's heritage were not taken and this led to it led to a lack of awareness among the people.
"We have built a PM museum dedicated to the journey and contribution of all the former Prime Ministers of India in Delhi. Today, people from all over the country are coming to the PM Museum to witness India's development journey after independence," PM Modi said.
"We are building 10 special museums to immortalise the contribution of our tribal community in the freedom struggle. This is such a unique initiative in the whole world in which a comprehensive glimpse of tribal diversity is going to be seen," he added.
The International Museum Expo is being organised as part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, to celebrate the 47th International Museum Day (IMD).
The IMD theme for this year is 'Museums, Sustainability and Well Being'.
The Museum Expo is designed to initiate a holistic conversation on Museums with museum professionals to enable them to evolve as cultural centres that play a pivotal role in India's cultural diplomacy.


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