New York celebrates Diwali with first school holidays
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New York celebrates Diwali with first school holidays

The Deputy Commissioner at the New York City Mayor's office, Dilip Chauhan lauded the historic development of observing Diwali as a public school holiday for the first time in its history.

Chauhan highlighted the significance of this decision, attributing it to years of dedicated advocacy by the Indian diaspora and the Indian-American community.

Chauhan said that the Indian diaspora has worked really hard to achieve success in this initiative and said, "Diwali means the festival of light over darkness".

He said, "This year Diwali is so significant, first time in the history of New York City, Mayor Eric Adams has declared Diwali as a public holiday in the school of New York City, after years of advocacy... Indian diaspora, Indian-American community...they have worked hard for this initiative. On Diwali, our children don't need to go to school, they can spend time at home with their family and visit religious places and celebrate with the community."

"Such a great to be a part of this initiative. Again, I wish everyone a happy and joyous Diwali. Diwali means the festival of light over darkness," added the Deputy Commissioner.

Earlier in June, New York Mayor Eric Adams announced that Diwali, the festival of lights, is set to become a school holiday in New York City.

Thousands of New Yorkers celebrate Diwali each year to commemorate the victory of light over darkness, and the announcement came after state lawmakers enacted legislation designating it as a holiday in the biggest school system in the US.

Mayor Eric Adams called the moment a significant win for the local families.


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