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PM Modi calls for zero tolerance at India's anti-terror meet

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for a "uniform, unified and zero-tolerance approach" to defeat terrorism while inaugurating the 3rd edition of 'No Money For Terror' Ministerial Conference here in the national capital. In a veiled attack on Pakistan and China, PM Modi has called on a mechanism to extract "cost" from countries supporting terrorism.

"It is well known that terrorist organisations get money through several sources-one is state support. Certain countries support terrorism as part of their foreign policy. They offer political, ideological and financial support to them. International organisations must not think that the absence of war means peace. Proxy wars are also dangerous and violent. There must be a cost imposed upon countries that support terrorism. Organisations and individuals that try to create sympathy for terrorists must also be isolated," PM Modi said.

Addressing the delegates and multilateral organisations of 78 countries, the Prime Minister said "There is no place for an ambiguous approach while dealing with a global threat. It is an attack on humanity, freedom and civilisation. It knows no boundaries. Only a uniform, unified and zero-tolerance approach can defeat terrorism."

Noting that "India has fought terrorism bravely", PM Modi said, "We consider that even a single attack is one too many. Even a single life lost is one too many. So, we will not rest till terrorism is uprooted."


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