Healthcare and social care

Healthcare and social care

The Hindu Manifesto UK 2024 was recently launched by the Hindus for Democracy umbrella organisation. The manifesto has been framed by major Hindu organisations across the UK, including INSIGHT UK, NHSF UK, HSS, Hindu Council UK and many more.

This iGlobal series digs deeper, chapter by chapter, through each of the issues highlighted in the first-of-its-kind Hindu Manifesto 2024 – Part 6 focussed on “Healthcare and social care”…

Elderly and disabled care

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the proportion of people aged 65 and over is projected to increase from 18% in 2016 to 24% by 2046. This demographic shift necessitates robust support systems to cater to the needs of older individuals.

To address this challenge, the manifesto calls for comprehensive support measures to ensure that elderly and disabled individuals have access to education, healthcare, public utilities, and public schemes. By advocating for enhanced funding and resources directed towards elderly care programs, the manifesto aims to improve the quality of life and well-being of ageing populations in the UK in general, and also within Hindu communities in the UK.


Healthcare and social care
Equal representation and opportunity for British Hindus

Representation of Hindus in social care and foster care

Despite the growing Hindu population in the UK, there remains a lack of proportional representation in social services and foster care systems. This means when a Hindu individual or family needs care, there is a lack of availability of people who understand the religious and cultural sensitivities of those they are helping, including dietary requirements.

Addressing loneliness issues

Since the launch of the tackling loneliness strategy in 2018, the UK Government invested over £80 million towards addressing loneliness. The 2023 annual report introduced 60 new cross-government commitments. However severe cuts amounting to a £600 million gap in adult social care funding, leading to over 1 million lonely and isolated elderly individuals.


Healthcare and social care
Hindus For Democracy diaspora group launches Hindu Manifesto 2024

Manifesto expectations from candidates contesting in the General Elections 2024:

1.      Support elderly and disabled care, and ensure that the elderly have access to education, healthcare, public utilities and public schemes.

2.      Ensuring the representation of Hindus in Social services and foster care.

3.      Advocating the introduction of resources and essential ceremonial instruments Hindu prayer rooms and paid Hindu Chaplains at Healthcare centres (including Hospitals), elderly care centres, and foster care.

4.      Addressing the issue of loneliness in the country, particularly for newly immigrated UK Hindus.

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