Hindus For Democracy diaspora group launches Hindu Manifesto 2024

Hindus For Democracy diaspora group launches Hindu Manifesto 2024

The Hindu Manifesto UK 2024 was officially launched by the Hindus for Democracy umbrella organisation over the weekend. The long overdue manifesto has been framed by major Hindu organisations across the UK underscoring a collective commitment to the progress of not only British Hindus but the entire UK nation and its people.

The Hindu Manifesto 2024 has laid out seven key assurances that the UK’s Hindu community seeks from parliamentary candidates and a future government to be elected in the July 4 General Election.

“These assurances aim to ensure the protection, promotion and progress of Hindu values and interests within the broader fabric of British society,” Hindus for Democracy said.

The seven assurances outlined in the Hindu Manifesto UK 2024 are:

·       Recognising anti-Hindu hate as a religious hate crime, and proscribing organisations and individuals engaged in it

·       Protecting places of Hindu worship

·       Access to fairer education

·       Equal representation and opportunities for Hindus

·       Streamlining immigration

·       Healthcare and social care

·       Acknowledging and protecting Dharmic values

According to the Hindus for Democracy, the Hindu Manifesto 2024 has already been endorsed by a number of parliamentary candidates, expressing their support for the manifesto and its goals.

It added: “The manifesto ushers a unified voice of the UK Hindu community as representatives from diverse backgrounds and regions come together to champion the seven assurances.


Hindus For Democracy diaspora group launches Hindu Manifesto 2024
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“The Hindu Manifesto is a call to action for all parliamentary candidates and political parties to engage with and support the Hindu community in their constituencies. It highlights the contributions of Hindus to the UK's social, cultural and economic fabric and seeks to build a future where these contributions are recognised, valued, protected and promoted for a better future for all.”

The Hindus for Democracy group, made up of leading Hindu organisations, believes the upcoming UK General Election on July 4 presents a crucial opportunity to make British Hindu voices heard, hold candidates accountable, and actively participate in shaping the nation’s future.

Their motto is – “It’s not just our right, it’s our duty”.


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