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3 keys to success, whatever your definition of it

3 keys to success, whatever your definition of it

If you desire to become better, or successful at something, there are a few things you need to do. Chances are, no matter what your current income, relationship, or job situation is, you wouldn’t mind being more successful. Of course, the term success can be defined differently by different individuals. Which is why, you must first define success and then determine what you want to be successful at.

The first step to becoming successful is to look around you, at the people who are successful at doing the things that you want to do, the role models who have already done it and ask for help. Find out how they have done it, learn from them. It’s important to build relationships with like minded people who can guide you to a successful path.

3 keys to success, whatever your definition of it
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So here are three things that helped me when I was setting out on my journey.

#1 Get a Mentor. All successful people have at least one influential person or mentor in their life. I have had two mentors over the last three years. Mentors not only provide support but also challenge your thoughts and actions. They open up opportunities, offer options, challenge pre-conceived ideas, and truly help you discover who you are.

Both my mentors were women who had achieved what I wanted to, who could help me break the limiting beliefs I had about income, change my money mindset and help me upscale. It was the best thing I did.

#2 Be Healthy Live, Breathe, Think, Eat: Health. We all know healthy living (exercise) and eating is important. If you want to be successful you need to have a routine that reflects this success mentality. Eating well, feeling well nourished and physically able, nourishing your body and mind by sleeping well, all these are factors that will help you succeed. It’s imperative that your mind supports your decision to be successful.

Be aware of negative self-talk or thoughts. They will put a stop to your success faster than anyone or anything else. Which means you may have to re-program your thoughts. To do this, continuously reaffirm the fact you are reaching your goal. Notice I didn’t say you will fulfil your goal. The key is to focus on your thoughts, not your actual actions. Why? Your mind does not know the difference between fact and make-believe. By repeatedly saying you’re successful, your mind will accept it as fact. Some people call this manifestation.

You need a healthy, positive and abundant mindset to reach your goals and to be successful. Don’t give up because there are roadblocks, because these roadblocks become hurdles, hurdles become rocks in the road. Rocks become great stories along the way!

3 keys to success, whatever your definition of it
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#3 Put Blinders On – Only focus on your goal. This is super important. The biggest thing that affects your success is, your goals. You must always remember to keep your eyes on your goal and don’t compare your grass to someone else’s grass. Stay in your lane. There will always be obstacles, but these obstacles are to remind us that it’s all worth it.

With your eyes on the goal, a mentor to guide you, and a healthy mindset, you’ll be on your way to success.

Bhavna Pandya-Barratt is the Founder of Successful Superwomen as a community of female entrepreneurs. In this regular iGlobal column, the Mindset and Transformational Mentor talks through the aspects of facing up to limiting beliefs and strategising your passion into successful businesses.

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