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What is your health worth to you?

What is your health worth to you?

Our health is something that most of us take for granted, and it's only when we get a diagnosis do we begin to think about it. And some are fortunately able to make changes that allow them to regain their health, but unfortunately, it may be too late for others.

Have you ever considered what your health allows you to do?

In today's article, I want you to begin thinking about this, and I'm going to show you how to do it. It is helpful to have a piece of paper and write it down, so don't skip this or else you won't know what your health is worth.

Professional life:

  • When you are fit and healthy, you can go to work, which allows you to earn an income.

  • Or you can study or learn new skills and apply for a promotion and further your career.

Well, these you can place a monetary value on. But, it isn't easy to place a value on how it improves your personal life in so many ways.


What is your health worth to you?
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Personal Life:

Good health allows you to -

  • Reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

  • Live a longer life to do the things you enjoy.

  • Have the energy to spend quality time with your children or grandchildren.

  • Be fit and active to go for walks, enjoy playing a sport or travel.

  • Feel better about yourself, which results in more confidence.

  • Reduce aches or pains in the body.

  • Better immunity so you aren't falling ill frequently.

  • Improved digestion so less bloating, gas and acidity.

  • Feel calmer and relaxed.

And as seen with the examples above, your health is priceless, and you should value it by investing and looking after it.

But many think about it only after they've received a diagnosis. More people are now overweight and obese compared to 30 years ago. And this is associated with many chronic diseases like Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Many things affect your health, including what you eat, your sleep, your activity, and even how you deal with stress.

What stops some people from making a change is that they doubt themselves. They might have tried various diets and failed in the past and are now afraid to try again. So instead of dieting, this time create a healthier lifestyle that you can sustain.

Others might be hesitant because they feel they don't have enough time or money. Also, many people simply don't know what to do.

Let me show you why none of these reasons should hold you back.


What is your health worth to you?
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So, I hear many people say that they can't fit "getting healthy" into their busy schedule, to go for a walk or exercise or even prepare a healthy meal.

Have you found yourself saying:

"I don't have time to cook, so I will just order a takeaway," and then you order a pizza? There were better choices of takeaways that you could get!

"I don't have time to exercise", but then you have the time to be on your phone scrolling through social media like Facebook or Instagram.

"I don't have time to go for a walk", and instead, you sit and watch the telly.

I'm sure you will agree that you make time for it when something is important and never cancel that appointment, even when you are busy.

Having coached for over ten years, I know those who prioritise their health and put it at the top of their list will make time for it.


What is your health worth to you?
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People often think that it is expensive to be healthy, that they have to buy special foods or that they need a gym membership.

Let these thoughts not deter you. You don't need a gym membership as you can exercise from home.

You don't need any special foods. You can eat the same meals as your family and make healthier swaps.

Also, it is interesting to see many people spending on the latest phone, buying a new dress or handbag but hesitate to invest in their health.

I also see some are willing to spend on their short term feel-goods like a manicure, pedicure, facial or getting their hair done. But these don't last for long! For healthier skin, nails and hair, begin to eat clean and have a healthier lifestyle.

Your health should always be at the top of your priority list. Think of your health as an investment. The more you invest now, the better the payoff. You reduce your risk of disease and live an active, happier life.

Sujata Din is a Certified Health Coach and Certified Professional Cancer Coach. In this regular column for iGlobal, she offers some special insights, from useful wellness tips to recipes for creations that are not only delicious but also healthy.

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