How to stop Santa stealing your gains over the holidays

How to stop Santa stealing your gains over the holidays

It’s this time of year where the binge eating and drinking creeps up on you, and all the progress you’ve made over the last few months slowly starts disappearing. Cold and dark mornings, endless food and drink; it’s hard to say no!

This is the hardest part of the year to train, but you just need to sit down and think to yourself ‘how much do my goals mean to me?’

I would never tell a client or anyone else not to enjoy themselves, but you do need to be a bit smarter when it comes to Christmas.

Here are my top tips on how to maintain the hard work you’ve put in this year:

  1. Keep training as much as you can. Don’t get complacent, especially if you’re going to be eating and drinking more.

  1. Stay active away from training. Walk more and increase overall daily activity to offset those extra calories.

  1. Enjoy your meals, because let’s face it, Christmas is all about food and fun. Just try to avoid over indulging. Control those portions!

  1. Choose your food and drink options more sensibly. Try to avoid the unhealthier options when it comes to food, and maybe choose a less sugary alcoholic drink.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated, even when you are out. Have one alcoholic drink followed by one glass of water before another alcoholic one. Rinse and repeat.

  1. The most important one of them all: enjoy yourself and don’t feel guilty!

Don’t think you have to be boring over Christmas and carry on eating your plain chicken and rice. Please never eat plain chicken and rice, season your food!

Have fun, it’s Christmas. Just be smarter with it all, so you can get the new year started in good stead.

by Dilan Patel

Dilan Patel is the founder of DNA Fitness UK. As a stage 4 cancer survivor, he now helps thousands across the UK with their health and fitness goals as a Lifestyle Transformational Coach.

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