Rishi Nityapragya offers some easy pointers on how to make life a celebration

Rishi Nityapragya offers some easy pointers on how to make life a celebration

A discipline of his Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the director of programmes at the Art of Living Foundation, Guru Rishi Nityapragya has many accolades to his name but his purpose and deepest desire in life is for everyone to recognise their inner powers and live their life as a celebration.

The spiritual scientist, who recently published his new book ‘Celebrating Life: 6 steps to the complete blossoming of your consciousness’, shared some insightful tips and techniques on mental health and took the audience at home through a guided mediation, in a spiritual and uplifting conversation facilitated by the Nehru Centre in London.

Nehru Centre Director Amish Tripathi said: “This has been an unusual and difficult year for the entire world. As many researchers have said, while the Wuhan Covid disease has to be controlled from an epidemiological and health perspective, there is also a massive mental health impact of the pandemic.

“And all of us need the help of great gurus like Rishi Nityapragya, to help us manage our emotional and mental well-being.”

Making peace with the mind

With the global coronavirus pandemic bringing a collective devasting experience to the world in 2020, mental health has been at the forefront of many conversations. Rishi Ji offered some philosophies to help one through their mental health journey and uncover their true potential.

“2020 has given us extreme challenges but with that has come extreme opportunities, which is being with yourself, exploring your infinite potential within and then living life with full enthusiasm,” he said.

With over 27 years’ experience and knowledge in exploring consciousness and the nature of the soul, the spiritual leader highlighted how through recognising the difference between your inner and outer world can help one detach from their emotions and lead an emotionally fulfilling life.

He explains: “Life is by moment phenomenal; in every moment we will see there are two sections of our life – the outer and inner world. In the outer world you will realise there are three sections: people things, and sections.

“If you look at your inner world there are seven sections: body, breath, mind, intellect, ego, and the experience of life is through these sections of the inner world and three sections of your outer world. The 7th section of your inner world is your soul.

“My point is you may have little or no control over what is happening with the outer world, but you have a lot of control over what happens in your inner world. Recognising how powerful you are within, recognising your strengths and weaknesses and learning to blossom your strengths, and learning to let go of your weaknesses, this is what the crux of spirituality is.”

Techniques for coping

The Guru also highlighted how simply just by breathing, we can release negative emotions. He noted how when an individual experiences different emotional states, the breath is of the flow of those emotions.

He noted: “All breathing patterns are different, when you are angry the breath becomes short and fast, likewise when one is happy that breath is completely relaxed. Nature has already given that connection between our breath and emotion.

“By using this connection and utilising your outgoing breath you can get rid of any emotion – it is what this process is about.

Rishiji strongly feels that mental health should be part of the curriculum for young children in order for these concepts to be well ingrained in young minds.

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