Baked Spicy Chickpeas as a healthy swap to shop bought snacks

Baked Spicy Chickpeas as a healthy swap to shop bought snacks

When our bodies crave a certain food, it often isn’t that specific food that we are craving. Instead, we are actually craving for the combination of flavours and textures that we experience when eating it. This means that even if you crave foods that aren’t the healthiest, alternatives can be found!

And as a health coach, that is exactly what I am guiding my clients to do.

For example, when we think about savoury Indian snacks, there are several that have a crunchy texture and flavours of spice, tang and salt. Chevda (Bombay mix) and sev are some common ones. And even though these types of snacks taste good, they are fine to have occasionally but, not as a regular snack as they are often deep fried and contain sugar and additives.

Instead, why not replicate the flavours and make a healthier alternative at home?

With this in mind, I am sharing my baked spicy chickpeas; there are flavours of chilli, garlic, cumin and salt, and since they are baked they will have a lovely crunch to them.

This is a great healthy swap to make for shop-bought fried peas and other savoury snacks, especially when you’re craving something crunchy. It’s homemade so you know what has gone into the food and can therefore enjoy it guilt free!

Chickpeas are a great food to incorporate into your diet; they are high in fibre, protein, folate and manganese. Folate helps in the production of healthy red blood cells and manganese is needed for forming connective tissue and bone. The fibre and protein in the chickpeas is also proven to slow digestion meaning that this vegetarian protein source will keep you full for longer.

These baked chickpeas are crunchy and taste delicious.

And do you know chickpeas are readily available and relatively inexpensive making this a quick, affordable and healthy snack. Give it a try and feel free to alter any ingredients or add any flavours you feel like having.


Baked Spicy Chickpeas as a healthy swap to shop bought snacks
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Sujata Din is a Certified Health Coach and Certified Professional Cancer Coach. In this regular column for ‘iGlobal’, she offers some special insights, from useful wellness tips to recipes for creations that are not only delicious but also healthy.

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