The Covid-19 isolation meant a new lease of time

The Covid-19 isolation meant a new lease of time

Creativity in Crisis? is an anthology of short stories capturing the authentic experiences of 26 British Indian key workers, parents and educators through the coronavirus lockdown. Here is the fifth in a series from a writer and poet who cherishes the time she got to be creative during the lockdown.
As a creative, coronavirus has affected me in many different ways. I have been given time and my mind has been able to slow down, reflect and restore. When coronavirus first hit, my freelance work took a hard blow. I had to decide between staying in London or moving back to Liverpool. My spirit was shaken.
It all happened very quickly. On a Tuesday at home, in London (my first day off after 16 days of working), what should have been a day of rest turned into a day of thinking, stressing, contemplating, crying, deliberating, anticipating, reflecting? I came to the decision that moving back to Liverpool was the best option for me. I woke up to Wednesday morning with a sense of clarity. I handed in the notice on my room and booked a van for the following day. The past eight years of my life, that I had spent living away from home, was to be packed away within a day. Adrenaline consumed me and by 10pm I sat on my bed, staring at the boxes and bags in my half empty room; feeling half full.

Freedom years

I left Liverpool at 19 and moved to Kent to study Fashion Design. My freedom years. I met a new version of myself and my independence flourished. Once I graduated, moving home wasn t an option for me. My eyes were set on London and my heart wanted to delve straight into the fashion world. For the past five years, I have lived and worked within the industry.
My experiences have allowed me to open my mind. Yes, I have gained knowledge and skills but more importantly, I have understood myself; who I am. I am bold, strong, confident, silly, mature, complicated, sweet, rude (sometimes), understanding and so much more. I have London to thank for my sense of self.
After a sleepless night, I was hit with the reality of Thursday. The van was loaded by 11am. I packed up my car and started to drive. This time it felt different; this time, there was no set return journey. I arrived up North by 3pm and I was greeted with feelings of being homesick, apprehensive but hopeful.

Ample time

My mother has taught me to always make the most of every situation. For the first time in a long time, I have time. Ample time to work on my business, write my book, and work on my poetry. Productivity has been a dominant force throughout my isolation. The quarantine period has allowed me to decipher who and what I value most.
One thing I value highly is my writing. This year, I decided to share my poetry for the first time. My thoughts, my words, my truth. The writing workshops I host through my poetry account have given me the most joy.
The encouraging feedback and support for my writing has been overwhelming. I?m able to give in a way I haven t given before. I am grateful for the family and friends I have around me and I am thankful for the change I have experienced; I hope for more positive change.
by Pallika Sood
*As published in 'Creativity in Crisis', Tattva Press, an independent publisher, with a mission to nurture aspiring authors and ideas at the frontiers of Indian culture. All proceeds from this publication will be donated to the National Emergencies Trust (NET)'s Coronavirus Appeal. More:
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