Tips on Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle

Tips on Healthy Eating, Healthy Lifestyle

Nilam Wright is one half of the Spice Sisters with her sister Veena, who have married their Britishness and culinary skills to create “currylicious” healthy spice kits! They set up Curry On Cooking to meet the needs of authentic ingredients to cook Indian meals aroad. Nilam now spends her waking hours devoted to spreading the word to curryholics around the world.

Episode 1

What are the right foods to eat

Combining good nutrition with physical activity leads to a healthier lifestyle. In the lead up to the festivities of Diwali, we explore how to balance our meals and maximise on nutrient-packed foods. In this episode, the focus is on how to give our body the nutrients it needs by eating a variety of foods, including whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and low-fat or fat-free dairy.

Episode 2

Eating Healthy for mind, body & soul

Nowadays, people are in a hurry to get everything done. Lunch breaks seem to become shorter and shorter because we have so many errands to run, which is why so many of us rely on fast food. But this habit is detrimental to our health, which is why it’s important to adopt a holistic outlook on things and turn our lives around. In this episode, we get an overview of how we can start our journey of holistic nutrition.

*The information in this programme and related articles does not constitute professional medical advice. Please always consult your doctor on personal health matters.

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