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Countdown to International Day of Yoga 2023 begins in London

Countdown to International Day of Yoga 2023 begins in London
Courtesy: 10'000 Hours | DigitalVision Via Getty Images

As a countdown to the International Day of Yoga 2023, the Nehru Centre in London – the cultural wing of the High Commission of India – will be hosting free Yoga Classes every Tuesday evening commencing this week and running until May 30.

This initiative is being held in collaboration with major UK-based organisations. Session 1 themed around Yoga for boosting immunity and relieving stress with pranayama and meditation will be conducted by Seema Menon.

Menon has completed the MBCT Program at Oxford Mindfulness Centre, followed by Vipassana meditation and conducted “Call Attention To: Mindfulness and Communication” workshops in various industry forums. Since the pandemic, she has conducted Yoga and Meditation online classes and held workshops on anxiety to help overcome the challenges of isolated existence. She is one of the resident trainers with SRMD Yoga UK taking sessions on weekend mornings.

Menon and the other SRMD Yoga trainers have presented at Diwali at Trafalgar Square in 2022 as well-run successful workshops on managing menopause, relieving and building immunity at the SRMD London Spiritual Centre.

The founder of SRMD Yoga, Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshji, shares: “Yoga is not just a bending of the body but a straightening of the mind.”


Countdown to International Day of Yoga 2023 begins in London
Nehru Centre back with new round of free Yoga, Kathak, Bharatanatyam courses

SRMD Yoga aims to bring light, love, and peace to the world through the ancient Indian art of Yoga. Rooted in spirituality and grounded in tradition, SRMD Yoga brings practitioners closer to themselves and cultivates compassionate and service-oriented hearts. SRMD Yoga promotes a holistic way of living by aligning one’s body, mind, and soul. It strongly believes in blending physical practice with the power of meditation and breath-awareness to declutter the mind and centre oneself.

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