Me? Yoga? Yes you can, says Sadhguru

Me? Yoga? Yes you can, says Sadhguru

Can we truly transform the world without first transforming individual human beings? The United Nations has proclaimed June 21st as the International Day of Yoga. This resolution was originally proposed by India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in 2015, and garnered support from a remarkable 177 countries. The declaration recognises that "Yoga provides a holistic approach to health and wellbeing."

The United Nations’ recognition of International Day of Yoga is a revolutionary approach. True transformation of the world begins with each one of us, changing the way we perceive, experience, and act in this world.

Join the movement for health and happiness. Yoga is about everyone's wellbeing

How can you get involved?

Invite Friends and Family: Have you always wanted to share the incredible benefits of Yoga with your loved ones? The International Day of Yoga is a perfect opportunity to introduce your loved ones to the benefits of yoga and meditation. Share this invitation with your friends and family, inviting them to begin their own transformative journey.


Me? Yoga? Yes you can, says Sadhguru
Hundreds gather for International Day of Yoga 2024 at London’s Trafalgar Square

1.     In-Person Free Yoga Session: Join an invigorating in-person Yoga workshop. 

2.     Online Free Session: Register for a transformative online Yoga session. 

3.     Become a Yoga Veera: Ready to make a difference? Volunteer to lead your own free Yoga session and become a Yoga Veera. 

4.     Support Organising Free Sessions: Be part of the movement! Volunteer to support organising free Yoga sessions. Click here to contribute.

Isha Yoga In-Person Sessions offer simple methods to cultivate peace, joy and wellbeing. Whether you are seeking to eliminate anxiety, improve productivity, or regain a lost sense of vibrancy, there are a variety of sessions for you to dive into.

“Yoga is about attaining to absolute Balance, piercing Clarity, and an inexhaustible Exuberance. With this, you are immensely fit for life,” says Sadhguru.


Me? Yoga? Yes you can, says Sadhguru
Isha Kriya: Sadhguru’s vision of ‘one drop of spirituality’ for all

In this spirit, the free online sessions offer a powerful practice that is easy to learn and can be incorporated into any lifestyle. These practices each take just five to 12 minutes daily.

Let's make Yoga accessible to all with this International Day of Yoga and experience the fulfillment and joy of transforming people's lives.

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